Summer Lovin’: Pleasure Garden

Pleasure Garden from Ryan Schnackenberg on Vimeo. (Part I)


Pleasure Garden is the ambitious and action-packed short film series of Ryan Schnackenburg. The reason this is completely relevant is not only because it is so awesome, but because the whole thing is musically driven. It’s like Kill Bill meets West Side Story. That being said, I love the Tarrantino and Japanese cinema influence on this series. It is deeply rooted in themes of betrayal and revenge, telling the tragic story of two brothers whose ideals were ultimately torn. And you gotta love the classic “simultaneous slash” cliche that is common in Samurai narratives.

The music is perfectly woven into the series as well. The soundtrack is taken directly from the album Overdrive Sunrise bythe band Dusk Warrior (Nicolas Sharpiro and Michael Osso). Overdrive Sunrise  was already an album that was so cinematic and epic in it’s own right.It definitely feels fitting when put to this kind of atmosphere. It complements Pleasure Garden greatly and never feels overbearing.

Not only is the movie driven musically by it’s soundtrack, but nearly all of it’s actors are musically inclined as well. You might recognize some of these faces as members of some popular Purchase bands. In the videos are members of LVL UP and SIRS, and the writer and director himself is an active member in the new hardcore band, JEAN JACKET.

All things considered, Pleasure Garden is a fun and entertaining experience. Though they are short films, they have a strong ability to stick with you. I think this is mostly due to the attention to small details in characterization. Every character, even if they have less than a minute on-screen has an interesting quirk about them that makes them stand out. It’s not incredibly deep, but it’s not trying to be. It’s something that is just really fucking cool. I hope there will be more to this series, because all of these characters need their stories to be told. In the meantime, check this out. I guarantee you’ll be entertained. 


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